Unadulterated Adult Joy

Mar 29

Unadulterated Adult Joy

#ALeapOfFaith mixtapes

As child of  the ’80s, I unapologetically adore a vast majority of the much maligned music of the era, with New Wave being my particular weakness. And I was delighted when I read that A-ha, best known for their groundbreaking video for “Take On Me,” reunited for a concert in Manchester earlier this week.

In a review of the concert in The Guardian, writer Dave Simpson describes lead singer Morten Harket, who “isn’t just singing the songs beautifully, but sincerely, like he has remembered what they mean to him as well as everybody here” giving into the infectious mood during “scenes of unadulterated adult joy.”

For a moment there, I tried to think of the last time that I was witness or part of any amount of unadulterated adult joy. And so today’s #ALeapOfFaithChallenge is for you to create a soundtrack that sums up the last time you felt so giddy that you wanted to break into spontaneous dance. What did those songs mean to you at the time? Do they continue to mean something to you now, or do they just make you sad? And if that’s not viable, how about if you try to remember what something you loved or loved doing once meant to you and how you can get back that feeling again– or can you?

To help inspire you, I’ve created my own very incomplete mixtape (an ’80s era musical love letter for you young ‘uns unfamiliar with the practice) for you on Youtube, appropriate titled Scenes of unadulterated adult joy. The songs are mostly from the same era of “Take on Me” with a few more recent songs that could easily have been around then.

And while you’re at it, have another look at one of the more groundbreaking music videos to ever grace MTV:

One day left to the challenge, can you believe it?
Faithfully yours,

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  1. This spoke to my heart! Morten Harket was my first love. That, and new wave, and the subsequent Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer. Rock on, Rachel, will channel some unadulterated joy next time I try to hit that high note.

    • A Leap of Faith /

      Ah, Cara! I’m not sure that he was my first love, but oh, how I swooned to his swoon-worthy self. And I’m so happy this helped your happy feet 🙂
      Here’s to unadulterated joy!