Have Your Say

Mar 28

Have Your Say

woman shouting using megaphoneI sometimes worry that I spend so much time learning to let things go that I have gotten into the habit of letting too much go.  Some days if feels as though I might not always know when it’s the right thing to do to confront someone and have my say.

Case in point, last week I received an email that was unprofessional, unkind and filled with bits of information that were uncalled for. In fact, the entire note was downright insulting and the overall experience was a complete waste of my professional time and good will.

I was going to simply hit delete or the delete and block combo, when I realized that this person had wasted hours of my time and adding insult to injury, seemed to be almost bragging about it. I crafted a response and hit send. And because this entire interaction was a complete waste of my time and good will, I knew that there wasn’t anything they could write in response that could make the situation better. I didn’t need their response, nor did I care what they had to say at that point, the important thing was that i then I added them to my blacklist and emptied my spam folder when I saw the self-righteous response pop up moments later.

I should be used to it, but I’m still surprised when people behave abominably and then proceed to attempt to defend themselves and act mightily offended when called on their rude or unprofessional actions.

Sometimes in business as in life, it really is important to stand up for yourself and what’s right. And it’s not right to waste someone’s time furthering your own goals exclusively. It has to be give and take, or it’s not business but charity or outright theft. And with the former you get to choose where to donate your time and with the latter you can decide whether to remain a victim or try to find some sense of justice and right.

Today’s #ALeapOfFaithChallenge is about trying to find balance between letting something go and standing up for your rights…and then letting something go.

Faithfully yours,
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