Forgetful Fridays

Mar 25

Forgetful Fridays

forgetful Friday

When I took on the notion of an entire month full of leaps of faith, I intentionally forgot the fact that as a writer/author and also a marketing/branding strategist/copywriter, I don’t often have the luxury of taking time to pursue my own passion projects.

Sometimes my clients really do own my time and today was one of those days. I’ve been putting out fires all morning and am going to continue to try to keep everyone happy. But this challenge keeps me happy.

So I’ll embrace the forgetfulness and decide that instead, it was a part of me choosing me first.

Today’s #ALeapOfFaithChallenge is about intentional forgetting.

We hold onto so many painful memories sometimes, but why do we do that to ourselves? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to forget that stuff? And what about the notion of forgetting yourself sometimes? Forgetting that you have responsibilities or kids or work and deciding to take yourself first for a while, even if it’s simply to do something like blogging about it. Forgetting that this calendar date might be a sad one for you, or forgetting the idiot at the grocery store last week. Forgetting things not because you’re overwhelmed or over scheduled, but simply as a way of clearing space on your brain’s hard drive and leaving room for the better memories.What can you intentionally start to forget today?

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Faithfully yours,
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